8×5 HD 1000kg Braked Tilt Trailer

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8×5 Galvanised Box Trailer

If Big is Better, this 8×5 HD 1000kg Braked Tilt Trailer Robust Tradesman quality galvanised box trailer ticks all the boxes. Perfect for any job, from small to large, home or work, and also for the rural landholder. Also a perfect trailer to transport your motor bikes or quads into the bush or onto the beach. An easy to manoeuvre large trailer with over-ride mechanical disc brakes as standard, it is an extremely versatile load carrier, designed for heavy work. With a spare wheel included along with the jockey wheel our galvanised box trailers are value for money.

ATM can be upgraded to 1450 kg for operators requiring greater payloads

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Trailer: $2,150.00
Trailer & Cage: $2,350.00

Advantages of a Galvanised Caged Box Trailer

Owning a box trailer with a cage can be useful for many things. It can hold heavy, tall loads with ease, as well as providing much needed protection for your cargo. An advantage of buying caged box trailers from Trailer Guys – Gold Coast is that the cages can be very easily removed at any time, converting them back to standard box trailers. Read More