8×5 TANDEM Heavy Duty High Sides

8x5 Tandem Box Trailer, Trailer Guys - Gold Coast

8×5 Tandem Box Trailers

Our box trailers are built for the roughest terrain or the heaviest of loads, this Robust Tradesman quality 8×5 TANDEM Heavy Duty High Sides with an ATM of 2 tonne, will handle any job, from small to extra large, home or work, and also for the Rural client with heavy loads to carry.

With the greasable Heavy Duty Roller Rocker Load Share Suspension these trailers are as tough as nails and built to last.

Features bullet proof load share, roller rocker suspension, for heavy loads over rough, uneven roads – built tough to carry stuff.

All our box trailers come Hot Dipped Galvanised to last the distance, spare wheel & 8″ swing up jockey wheels.

Visit our factories or call 1300 500 277 for more info.

Trailer: $2,950.00             

Trailer & Cage: $3,150.00


Advantages of a Galvanised Caged Box Trailer

Owning a box trailer with a cage can be useful for many things. It can hold heavy, tall loads with ease, as well as providing much needed protection for your cargo. An advantage of buying caged box trailers from Trailer Guys – Gold Coast is that the cages can be very easily removed at any time, converting them back to standard box trailers. Read More