7×5 Braked Trailer Heavy Duty High-Sided Tilt GVM 1,000 kg.

7x5 Braked Box Trailer - Trailer Guys Gold Coast

7×5 Braked Trailer

With over-ride disc brakes as standard, this tough as nails trailer 7×5 Braked Trailer, is perfect for the professional tradie looking to carry heavy, bulky loads to the job. Perfect for landscapers; acreage land holders and rural Farmers. Built to last, this is a heavy duty quality trailer, perfect for long hauls as well as local trips. Perfect for your Ride On Mower or Motor Bike with its Tilting Tray, brakes, spare wheel & jockey wheel as standard.

For operators looking for increased payloads we can upgrade the ATM to 1450 kg as an optional extra.


All Trailer Guys – Gold Coast box trailers are HOT DIPPED GALVANISED, including this 7×5 Braked  Box Trailer.

Trailer: $2200.00
Trailer & Cage: $2750.00

Advantages of a Galvanised Caged Box Trailer

Owning a box trailer with a cage can be useful for many things. It can hold heavy, tall loads with ease, as well as providing much needed protection for your cargo. An advantage of buying caged box trailers from Trailer Guys – Gold Coast is that the cages can be very easily removed at any time, converting them back to standard box trailers. Read More