7×5 Box Trailer Cage HD 800mm High



  • Height – 800mm from box trailer wall
  • 1200mm from floor of box trailer tub

Please Note:

All Trailer Guys Box Trailer Cages are designed and made for the trailers we sell

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7×5 Box Trailer Cage HD 800mm High

7x5 Box Trailer | Trailer Guys - Gold Coast

7×5 Box Trailer | Trailer Guys 


7×5 Box Trailer cage are all hot dipped galvanised with front and rear swing door access.

All of Trailer Guys box trailer cages are 800mm high and this particular cage is only suitable for the 7×5 Box Trailer .

Box Trailer Cages are easy to attach and remove by a single person. A 7×5 Box Trailer Cage will make the Tradesman or Handyman’s job that little bit easier when carrying large bulky loads.

Don’t get caught out when taking a load to the dump on that weekend clean up. A 7×5 Box Trailer Cage will ensure that nothing falls out of your trailer on your travels.