Box Trailer Ladder Racks 5′ wide – Pair


Specifications :

  • Full Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • All Box Trailer Ladder Rack sits 800mm above the side walls
  • Height from base of box trailer to bottom of Ladder Rack 1200mm

Please Note:

All Trailer Guys Box Trailer Ladder Racks are designed and made for the trailers we sell

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Box Trailer Ladder Racks

Box Trailer Ladder Racks 5'

Hot Dipped Galvanised Box Trailer Ladder Racks

A pair of Ladder Racks will make the Tradesman or Handyman’s job that little bit easier. When you need to carry a few ladders or fill your box trailer with a load or cement mixers, this product is for you.

These racks can easily be attached or removed from the Trailer Guys Box Trailer.

The box trailer ladder rack sits 1150mm up from the base of the box trailer.

All of the box trailer ladder racks are HOT DIPPED GALVANISED