How do I order one of these trailers?

To order one of these trailers, you can call into our display yard, telephone or email us for a quotation for the Trailer specification you require.   Contact 1300 500 377 for more details.

Do Trailer Guys deliver?

No, Trailers are picked up directly from our manufacturing display yard.

Do Trailer Guys make ‘custom made’ trailers?

No, we do not make custom made trailers.  we only manufacture Box Trailers in the most common sizes, with or without Cages, and our Trailers have an amazing range of features and specifications unmatched by other Manufacturers.

I live near the ocean and my trailers don’t last very long!

We highly recommend Hot Dipped Galvanised Box Trailers. Have you noticed that nearly ALL Boat Trailers are galvanised to help them survive rust and corrosion caused by salt water. Similarly, galvanised Box Trailers have a very longer life and also have a much higher resale value, as they don’t chip and can take some pretty hard knocks as they don’t rust.

Most painted Trailers come in a Hammertone finish, which is applied directly onto black steel without any preparation whatsoever, so scratch very easily causing rusting in a very short time.

Can I have a different colour?

We manufacture Hot Dipped Galvanised Trailers only, which are much better value for money as they have four times the life of a painted Trailer.  Contact our trailer expert for more info.

How do I know if it is a quality trailer?

What defines a quality trailer? This is a great question, as there are plenty of Box Trailers out there that are simply not roadworthy and some do not even comply with Australian Standards or basic Engineering logic.

We only sell quality trailers that comply with all the relevant Australian Authorities. Trailers are our business and we don’t want you to be disappointed. Contact us for more our quality trailer details.

What is the difference between a braked and an unbraked trailer?

Braked Trailers are fitted with Mechanical Disc Over-Ride braking system, which is activated by the inertia of the towing vehicles braking. Unbraked Trailers are not fitted with any brakes.

How do I know whether I need a braked or an unbraked trailer?

Many customers only require a light weight capacity Trailer, but unbraked Trailers are restricted to 750 Kg. GVM.

Trailers with a Gross Vehicle Mass of between 1,000Kg – 2,000Kg require brakes fitted to the front axle.

If your payload requirement is greater, then you must have a braked Trailer. Your vehicle manufacturer will specify the maximum Trailer GVM you can tow and this figure can be found in the Owners Handbook.

What is the difference between GVM (gross vehicle mass) and payload?

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) is the combined weight of the Trailer and the payload it can carry.

Payload is the weight the Trailer is designed to carry, therefore, GVM less the empty weight of the Trailer = Payload.  If you need more technical advice from our trailer expert, Call 1300 500 377.

GVM Gross Vehicle Mass & Payload

What Does Heavy Duty Trailer Mean?

We build our heavy duty Trailer with 2.5mm Checkerplate steel for strong walls and floor, stronger guards with side steps, thicker and longer drawbars and higher rated springs.

A Trailer is only as good as it’s engineered and built. The key areas that fail are the brakes, wheel bearings, floor, drawbar or springs. In nearly all cases of failure, it is because the Trailer is constantly being overloaded and/or the Trailer was poorly maintained and is often unroadworthy.

Trailer Guys Heavy Duty Trailer

Maintenance On My Trailer When and Why?

What Maintenance is needed on my Box Trailer?

Trailer Maintenance on your box trailer is paramount to your trailers longevity.

There are different maintenance cycles for every trailer. Whether it’s a Light Weight ‘Weekend Warrior’ or a ‘Heavy Duty’ trailer purchased for Commercial use. They all need to be serviced.

We recommend the following intervals for maintaining your trailer:

Commercial Trailers

Carrying weight everyday or the Trailer that gets towed every single day. Trailer Guys recommend service intervals of 6 months or before; depending on the

For general trailer maintenance, some things to consider are:

Check the following –

  • The tyres are inflated and are road worthy;
  • The wheel bearings at least every 6 months and have them replaced or regreased as required;
  • The lights – brake; turning indicators and tail lights – are all functioning. Do this EVERY time you tow the Trailer;
  • The tailgate hinges and locks are secure and functioning;
  • The safety chain is not rusted and the “D” shackle bolt is safe and secure;
  • The axle springs are not rusted and are sitting on the support seat and bolted securely.

Trailer Maintenance | Trailer Guys - Gold Coast

Do we fit towbars?

Do we fit Towbars?

Towbars are not what we do here at Trailer Guys – Gold Coast

You will need to have a towbar and lighting socket fitted prior to collecting your Trailer Guys Trailer.

A single 7 PIN FLAT or 7 PIN ROUND small or large lighting socket is all that is required for a trailer.

7-pin-flat lighting socket towbars

7-pin-flat lighting socket

7-pin-large-round light socket towbars

7-pin-large-round light socket

7-pin-rnd-small light socket towbars

7-pin-rnd-small light socket






The above images are the ‘Vehicle’ Towbar sockets.

Trailer Guys box trailers have mechanical over-ride disc brakes. This means that you do not need a Brake Control Module for your car. Click here for more on brakes.

Do I need a spare wheel?

We provide a NEW Spare Wheel as STANDARD on all our Heavy Duty Trailers.

There is no legal requirement to carry a spare wheel. However, it is a good idea and we highly recommend that you leave the spare on the Trailer. Make sure you carry the right tools and a suitable Jack for the Trailer.

Some people carry a can of “tyre repair foam” with them. This is fine if the tyre goes flat, but not if the tyre is otherwise damaged.

If you wish to fit a toolbox to your box trailer, you can purchase an Upright Wheel Carrier and we will fit it for you.

Spare Wheel mounted on drawbar

Vertical Spare Wheel Stand - Trailer Guys - Gold Coast

What is Hot Dipped Galvanising? Why Choose a Galvanised Trailer

What is Hot Dipped Galvanising?

Galvanised Trailers is Trailer Guys. Galvanising is a rather complex process and this article is here to help understand the galvanising process.

Hot-dip galvanising (HDG) is the process of coating fabricated steel by immersing it in a bath of molten zinc. There are three fundamental steps in the hot-dip galvanising process.

  1. Surface preparation
  2. Galvanising
  3. Inspection

1. Surface Preparation

A bare metal trailer arrives at the galvanising facility. An overhead crane is used to hang the trailer and run though a series of preparation methods. As a result the trailer is lifted and moved through all three processes. As a result the trailer then goes through a series of three cleaning steps; degreasing, pickling, and fluxing.

  1. Degreasing : Removal of dirt, oil, and organic residues
  2. Pickling : An acidic pickling bath removes production mill scale and iron oxide
  3. Fluxing : Final surface preparation step. Fluxing removes any remaining oxides, and also coats the steel with a protective layer, to prevent any further oxide formation prior to galvanising.

Most Importantly, proper surface preparation is critical, as zinc will not react with unclean steel.

2. Galvanising

  • After surface preparation, the bare trailer is dipped in the molten (500 C) bath of at least 98% zinc
  • Then lowered into a kettle. At an angle that allows air to escape from the RHS tubular shapes. The angle also releases air from other pockets to ensure that the zinc can flow into, over, and throughout the entire trailer.
  • While immersed in the kettle, the iron in the steel trailer metallurgically reacts with the zinc to form a series of zinc-iron intermetallic layers and an outer layer of pure zinc.

3. Inspection

An inspection of the trailers coating is the final step of the galvanised trailers process.

  • A visual inspection gives a very accurate determination of the quality of the coating
  • Especially relevant is that the Zinc does not react with unclean steel This means that an un-coated area on the trailer will be visible to the naked eye
  • In addition, a magnetic thickness gauge is used to verify the coating thickness complies with specific requirements

Why Choose a Galvanised Trailer?

Coating Benefits

Hot-dip galvanising provides a number of benefits to the steel trailer it protects.

Metallurgically bonded zinc iron alloy layers that are created in the above process. Creates a barrier between the trailer and the environment. It also cathodically protects the steel.

The cathodic protection offered by zinc means the galvanised coating sacrifices itself to protect the underlying base steel from corrosion.

The tightly adhered coating, which has a bond strength of around 3,600 psi. This coating is also extremely abrasion-resistant as the intermetallic layers are harder than the base steel.

Even if the coating is damaged, zinc’s sacrificial action will protect exposed steel up to 7-10mm away. 


In addition to the cathodic protection offered by hot-dip galvanising, there are a few other characteristics of the coating which provide longevity.

Reaction. Reaction in the galvanising kettle is a diffusion process, which means the coating grows perpendicular (horizontal) to the surface, ensuring all corners and edges have at least equal thickness to flat surfaces.

Immersion. The complete immersion in the zinc bath provides total coverage of the Trailer Guys Trailer. Including the interior of hollow structures.

Zinc Coasting. Finally, the zinc coating naturally develops an impervious layer of corrosion products on the surface, known as zinc patina. The patina, cathodic protection, complete coverage and all of these other features, provide hot-dip galvanised steel with a long, maintenance-free service life. First maintenance for hot-dip galvanised steel can be seen below.


Galvanising Process - Galvanised Trailer - Trailer Guys - Gold Coast

Galvanising Process – Galvanised Trailer – Trailer Guys


Galvanising First Maintenance Chart - Galvanised Trailer

Galvanising First Maintenance Chart – Galvanised Trailer

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Since our Factory move in May 2016 many people are finding it a little difficult to find us. We have decided to help you with pictures and links to find our new factory the first time.

Coming from the M1?

If you are travelling from either north or south on the M1 you need to do the following :

  1. Take EXIT 62 / Helensvale Exit
  2. Follow exit which leads to  Brisbane Road/Old Gold Coast Hwy (as pointed out on the map with a yellow line).
  3. Follow Brisbane Road/Old Gold Coast Hwy road until you see the NORCO Milk Factory on your left.
  4. At the set of lights with NORCO on your left you will need to turn left onto Pine Ridge Road. (as marked on the map with a yellow line).
  5. Turn left on to LENSGATE Road which is the first street (with ROBCO on the Corner).
  6. Trailer Guys is the next factory behind Robco on your left (BIG EMU sign on the building).

Coming north via Gold Coast Hwy?

If your travelling to find us by coming through the Gold Coast vi the Gold Coast Hwy you need to do the following :

  1. Follow the Gold Coast Hwy until it heads left towards Harbour Town Shopping Center
  2. Follow the Gold Coast Hwy past Harbour Town on your right
  3. Drive past Bunnings on your left
  4. As a result, you will get to a set of lights where Pine Ridge Road crosses the Gold Coast Hwy. The NORCO milk factory will be seen on your forward right.
  5. TURN RIGHT at these lights on to Pine Ridge Road (as marked on the map below)
  6. Turn Left on to LENSGATE Road which is the first street on your left (with ROBCO on the Corner).
  7. Trailer Guys is the next factory behind ROBCO on your left (BIG EMU sign on the building).