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Safety Features

25 Feb 2014

Safety Features

ALL Trailer Guys Hot Dipped Galvanised Trailers now include a range of Safety Features to help with ‘Carrying Your Load’.

TIE DOWN RAILS to the FRONT & REAR Tail-gates in addition to the two already fitted to both sides. These robust attachment rails to ALL FOUR SIDES now allow you to securely strap down your load.

ANTI RATTLE CATCH is added to the front of the trailer to ensure that your trailer will be as quiet as a mouse whenever you travel.

DUAL SPRING BOLT LOCKING PINS on both sides of the drawbar to offer a positive locking feature. This then prevents the tub tilting when transiting and loading.

In the meanwhile, please drop into our Display Yard at 2/610 Pine Ridge Road, Coombabah (behind ROBCO off Lensgate Road) to view these safety features first hand.


Safety Features Tie Down Rails | Trailer Guys - Gold Coast

Safety Features Tie Down Rails | Trailer Guys - Gold Coast














Safety Features Anti Rattle Latch & Spring Bolt Fasteners

Hot Dipped Galvanised Box Trailers

16 Feb 2014

If you are interested in purchasing  heavy duty hot dipped galvanised box trailers, look no further than Trailer Guys. Buying a hot dipped galvanised box trailer is the best option for anyone looking for a trailer that will never rust, and has more than four times the life of a painted or gal sheet box trailer. We are sure you’ll appreciate our wide selection, great prices and well-built trailers.

Galvanising Process - Hot Dipped Galvanised Box Trailers

Galvanising Process – Galvanised Trailer – Trailer Guys

At Trailer Guys we offer you strong, solid trailers that are constructed using the best and most dependable Checkerplate steel. Hot dipped galvanised box trailers  are a great option, because they will easily carry heavy loads for many years to come. The galvanising process provides great protection from harsh environments, is scratch and chip proof, while maintaining its great appearance. If you are looking for a trailer that will stand the test of time, you should buy a hot dipped galvanised box trailer from Trailer Guys.

A Trailer Guys box trailer comes with ALL the features that most other companies list as optional extras!

Advantages of a Galvanised Caged Box Trailer

15 Feb 2014

Owning a Galvanised Box Trailer with a Galvanised Cage can be useful for many things. It can hold heavy, tall loads with ease, as well as providing much needed protection for your cargo. An advantage of buying a Galvanised Caged Box trailer is that the cages are easily removable by one person as the two sides have 200mm long ‘legs’ that fit into the 4 corner stauntions.

Because the Trailer Guys trailers are fully welded before the galvanised process, the trailers will have an economic life of between 20 to 30 years as opposed to a Gal Sheet or painted trailer which will require ongoing maintenance (or replacement) within 3-5 years of use.

Our customers around Australia appreciate our attention to detail when it comes to the functionality of our trailers.

PLEASE NOTE – All our trailers now feature TIE DOWN RAILS to all 4 sides of the trailer



Galvanised Caged Box Trailer