Advantages of a Galvanised Caged Box Trailer

Owning a Galvanised Box Trailer with a Galvanised Cage can be useful for many things. It can hold heavy, tall loads with ease, as well as providing much needed protection for your cargo. An advantage of buying a Galvanised Caged Box trailer is that the cages are easily removable by one person as the two sides have 200mm long ‘legs’ that fit into the 4 corner stauntions.

Because the Trailer Guys trailers are fully welded before the galvanised process, the trailers will have an economic life of between 20 to 30 years as opposed to a Gal Sheet or painted trailer which will require ongoing maintenance (or replacement) within 3-5 years of use.

Our customers around Australia appreciate our attention to detail when it comes to the functionality of our trailers.

PLEASE NOTE – All our trailers now feature TIE DOWN RAILS to all 4 sides of the trailer



Galvanised Caged Box Trailer